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+||αм тнє ѕσuι σf яєvєиgє||+


★ -||Roxy-Chan||- ☆ ミズヘル コルネリア ★
1 November 1989
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Hey everyone ^-^ welcome to my journal! I post everything I make in this account; fanfictions, icons, wallpapers…etc. (o´∀`o) I post my personal stuff here too!

Warning: If you have anything against yaoi [boyXboy relationships] or yuri [girlXgirl] then don’t come here ;-; my fanfictions are not friends locked!..If you hate crazy people then don’t become my friend XD ... If you don’t like Dir en Grey then at least respect other’s opinions and don’t express yours here..after all it’s my journal!~

名前 : Mizuheru Koruneria [ミズヘル コルネリア]
身長 : 155 cm
血液型 : O型
誕生日 : 11月1日
年齢 : 18
国籍 : Syrian
好み色 : Purple, red, black

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★ My real name is Sara--… Roxy, Koru (コル), waru-chan, Sarumoshi, Yumi, Misa-chan are my nicknames (`∀´v)
☆ I’m Syrian but I live in the UAE, Abu Dhabi with my sisters [Eruma and Rikku] with oka-san and otou-san ^o^
★ My BirthDay is on 24th of October, but it was written 1st of November in my passport cause mom and dad were late to find me a name :3
☆ I’m studying Civil Engineering at Abu Dhabi University, also studying to get a diploma in guitars, and I have opened the Japanese Club at my University recently ^-^ which I'm being the president there :D
★ Me is a guitarist in a band; ||compleXdisorder|| (*´ω`*)
☆ I can be really really crazy when I want to [almost the whole time *.*] that’s what got my friends to think I’m retarded! I do drink but I don’t smoke XD
★ I don’t like bitches! But I can be bitchy with people who acts bitchy with me :3
☆ Yaoi owns my soul *.* Hara-chan is my yaoi-queen!~♥ my favourite anime couples are SasuXNaru [Naruto] and LightXL [Death Note]..KaoruXKyo is my OTP, and everything with uke-Kyo is love!Yeah I like all the pairings with Kyo on bottom! [ I also like DiexKaoru, DiexShinya, DiexKyo, KaoruXToshiya, AoixRuki, RukaxYomi, UruhaxRuki and many others xD]
★ I have only three wishes in my life: ♥ I want adera to be always happy ;-; she knows I love her and azu_ra as my own sister~~♥♥♥ --I wish ||compleXdisorder|| will be a famous band someday! And I desperately want to meet KYO and all Diru members! [That I believe is impossible T.T].

☆ My account is Friends-Only~ please leave a comment in this post and I’ll add you back immediately ;D [you have to know all my fanfictions, icons, graphics, fanarts…etc won’t be locked! But you’re welcome anyways ^.^]

★ I like reading, writing, drawing, playing on guitar and working on photoshop! PLAYSTATION and video games are my everything [Fatal Frame, Final Fantasy, Rule of rose, Samurai warriors, Naruto, DDR, Tony Hawk, The Sims2, Red Ninja are my favorite games]~♫
☆ I love ice-creams! Eating and sleeping are probably the things I’m good at!!(。・_・。) I eat everything *.* but I hate raw food~~ ̄ω ̄
★ I like meeting people from different parts of the world :D
☆ I love my pets :D and all animals; tigers, snakes, kittens, dogs…etc specially my lovely and cute kitty [Kyochi]~~♫ xD!!
★ Me like Karate, swimming and I enjoy watching basketball, volleyball, soccer matches!~ Adores skateboarding *o* [Bam Margera~]
☆ I like everything about Japan. Japanese culture, food, language, Tokyo, their people, their way of living, their past..Almost everything! And me also like other Asian countries. [I’m moving to live in Philippines soon~♥ ^.^]
♥~Music is life~♥

★ Metal rock is my favorite type of music~♪, Visual-Kei/Oshare-Kri/Angura-Kei/J-punk are all love.. and I listen to j-pop sometimes :3 I also listen to classical music a lot [especially piano and violin].
☆ KYO IS GOD! I do believe he is a GOD, humans can’t be that sexy! 。◕‿◕。I’m so crazy about him just like his other fans ^//////^, he is maybe the only thing I talk about in my life! Dir en Grey is my favorite j-rock band! They rock! They are what I’m breathing! XD I love their music and Kyo’s voice+lyrics~♥.

★ I also like other bands and J-pop artists: Dir en Grey♥, 京♥, The Gazette♥, Aikaryu♥, Alice nine, S.K.I.N, Gackt, Hyde, Hide, X-japan, Pierrot, Unsraw, Roach, LM.C, Screw♥, exist†trace♥, Phantasmagoria♥, Girugameshu♥, Irokui, La Sadies, BoA, Chihiro Onitsuka, Hizaki Grace Project, Kotoko, J, Danger Gang, Ayabie, D’espairs Ray, Deathgaze, Kagerou, Nightmare, Kagrra, Kra, An Café, MUCC♥, Sadie, D, Abingdon Boys School, Merry♥, Nightwish, se7en, Lolita23q, 12012, ACID, B’z, Super Juniour, Yu Chae Young, Ayumi Hamasaki, BUCK-TICK, Luna Sea, Malice Mizer, 雅-miyavi-♥, SID, T.M.Revolution, Psycho Le Cemu, Anna Tsuchiya, Olivia Lufkin, Tsukiko Amano, Arashi, NewS, SADS, Tokyo Jihen, Shiina Ringo, Utada Hikaru, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Ellegarden, TOKIO, Oblivious Dust, F.A.K.E?♥, Inoran, YamaPi♥, Koda Kumi, Morning Museum, Glay, Kat-tun, Mozart, Children of Bodom, Atreyu, Rammstein♥, Metallica, Korn♥, Green day, H.I.M♥, Linkin park, Limp Bizkit, My chemical romance, Skazi and Pink panda.

☆ Fond of J-drama, K-drama and movies~ my favorite dramas and movies: 花ざかりの君たちへ, IWGP [池袋ウエストゲートパーク], Kurosagi, Full house, My boss My hero, ごくせん, 花より男子, Battle Royale, Flying boys, Apartment, NaNa, Moon Child, Kimi wa petto, My girl.

★ My favorite actors and actresses: Kamenashi Kazuya, Matsuyama Kenichi, YamaPi, Akanishi Jin, Matsumoto Jun, Ryo, Oguri Shun, Horikita Maki, Ikuta Toma, Nagase Tomoya, Nakama Yukie, Teppei, Inoue Mao, Kato Shige, Kamikawa Takaya, Shirota Yuu, Mizushima Hiro and Leejun Ki.

☆ I'm an anime freak too♥ [Death Note, NaNa, Lain, Okane Ga Nai, Boku no Pico, Lovely Complex, Naruto are my favorite] My favorite anime characters are: L, Hatake Kakashi, Tidus, Tamahome, Ritsu.
★ But I prefer reading manga and doujinshi more X3 [Denkou Sekka boys, Saiyuuki, pretty face, Othello, BrotherXBrother, Perfect girl evolution/wallflower]~♥

-“Hate others than love yourself!”
By 京

-“If I should die before I wake, pray no one my soul to take. And if I wake before I die, rescue me with your smile”
By Ville Valo – The Sacrament

-"إني خيرتكي فاختاري ما بين الموت على صدري أو فوق دفاتر أشعاري"
By Nizar Kabani

-"I am addicted to the perceived fate... しがみついた運命に俺は独り”
By 京 – 鼓動

-"و للحرية الحمراء باب بكل يد مضرجة يدق"

♥~Special thanks/Credits~♥

flaming_text Thank you so much for writing fictions with me and for being such a great friend!~♥ ^-^
azu_ra and adera my everything!♪ You two ar my sisters along with Eruma and Rikku~♥♥♥ ^-^
vampire_kiki and el_pucko My sisters in evil! xD Thanks a lot for the evil fictions you wrote for me ^.^ I really appreciate it~♥
dorelei Thanks for the layout coding and stylesheet [I changed everything though~ colors, graphics and banner are all by me] (o´∀`o)
drpaccy Thanks alot huni for the great FO banner~♥ :D

If you want to contact me!♪ miss_perfect_73@hotmail.com and nishimura.roxy@hotmail.com

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KaouxKyo is OTP *o*
Drawn for me on my birthday n_n [[24th.Oct.2007]] by drpaccy ♥♥♥

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created by fonulyn for me at pictured_life ♥♥♥

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KaoxTotchi Drawn by bl4ckm4lice♥ for me on my Birthday [1st.11.2007] ^-^